City Beat Interview with Gibbs Saad May 2013

 Laughter Hours Comedy harvests Local Stand-Up Talent.

El Paso may be associated with things such as Chico’s Tacos, UTEP, the star on the mountain, etc. But comedians? Well, according to Gibbs Saad of Laughter Hours Comedy, El Paso may very well be known for comedy in the near future.

Gibbs and the guys behind Laughter Hours Comedy are on a mission to establish a comedy scene here in El Paso dedicated to local talent. “I’m always looking for talent, always scouting. And you’ll be surprised. There’s some really great comedians in El Paso,” said Gibbs Saad, founder of Laughter Hours. Sure, Bart Reed’s Comic Strip may be bringing in all the headliners, but Laughter Hours is making sure the locals get their voice out. One way is by encouraging people to come out and try the weekly Open Mic Nights.

Do you have what it takes, though?

“There’s always that guy that comes in and says ‘All my friends think I’m hilarious. My girlfriend is always laughing at my jokes.’ But those people are usually the ones that fail,” said Gibbs. What’s the secret? “It’s all about stage presence. Once a comedian is comfortable on the stage, then they’re good. You can’t be afraid of that stage.”

Gibbs is now booking clubs around the country, but even he had to start somewhere. “I was a magician years before I was a comedian” says Gibbs. “When I came to El Paso, there was no comedy scene here. It was something I always wanted to do, but I didn’t have much experience. So I started Sun City Comedy, now Laughter Hours, back in 2008. We started small, with Open Mic Nights at bars here and there. But I still felt like we needed to take a bigger step. So over the years, we’ve made it more legit. Since then, the comedy scene has grown tremendously, and because of that, we are able to bring in comedians from all over the country. But our main focus is still local talent.”

Gibbs wants to make El Paso a breeding ground for comedians. He’s working on securing bigger venues and helping local talent get ready for the big time. “I want to make sure these comedians have a great experience while working on their material until they’re ready for the bigger venues.”

But of course, Laughter Hours can’t continue without the support of El Paso. “People always say there’s nothing to do in El Paso. But it’s only because you’re not looking for it. People here in El Paso are very set in their ways. It’s up to production companies to shove entertainment in people’s faces. But people are starting to take notice. We’re growing and things are changing. There’s a great energy in El Paso,” says Gibbs.

Laughter Hours is always encouraging locals to come out. “You never know,” says Gibbs. “There’s no rules when it comes to comedy. Just come in and do your thing. People laugh at the most surprising things.”

And funny females, take note. “I wish we had more female comics. Being a girl in comedy is really hard. People just don’t think females are funny. But they’re wrong.”

Just give it a try.

If you want to get involved, check out for more information. Gibbs will be headlining Open Mic Nights at Shamrocks on Ft. Bliss this coming month.

Also check out The Border Geek, a podcast dedicated to local comedians, or on Twitter


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